Comfort and harmony

Small size

We want you to feel exceptionally. It’s the size of the “place” that decides on its coziness.

We respect your privacy, guarantee intimacy and all of nature’s finest – mountains, calm, singing of birds, hum of the creek.

We ensure high quality service, professionalism and an individual approach to each of our Guests.


We stand out with how we look. Nobody walks by without noticing us. Domek has a wooden, asymmetrical facade matching the place where it was built.

Large flowers and greenery add it some additional charm.

The inside

The original, extraordinary style of the inside impresses our Guests. This is something new in Świeradów Zdrój. Everything was designed by an architectural design studio.

Each room has its own individual design and name. Candles, a beautiful smell and books will additionally brighten up your stay. The sauna is our gem. You can be sure that it will be all yours.

Care for the menu

In the dining room, our unique place, you’ll be able to have breakfast from natural regional products.

We care for the taste and look of our dishes so be prepared for a very pleasant experience. We start breakfast with a cool Bellini (an Italian peach puree and prosecco sparkling wine cocktail).

Feel free to grab a fragrant coffee, organic teas, cookies and fruit at the dining room during your entire stay.

A good location

We’re in the town center, but not entirely. The location is also our strong point.

Being close to a forest will ensure your total relaxation.