Comfort and harmony

Designer rooms

Designed by an architectural design studio. Modern, cosy and comfortable.

Adults Only

We understand that peace and quiet is an important part of a holiday getaway. We can make that happen for you.

Extras included in the price

Breakfast, wine in the room, delicious coffee, sweets. Or do you prefer to book a sauna?

The power of peace

Small in size

We want you to feel special. It’s the size of the ‘place’ that determines its intimacy.

We respect your privacy, we guarantee intimacy and all benefits offered by nature – mountains, quiet, a babbling brook and singing birds.

We provide high quality service, professionalism and an individual approach to each guest.

Unique architecture

What distinguishes us from other hotels is our appearance. No one can pass by indifferently. The house has a wooden, asymmetrical façade that perfectly matches its location. Beautiful flowers and greenery add to its charm.

We are in the centre, but not exactly. Our location is also a great benefit. Proximity to the forest will hasten your complete and total relaxation.

Unique interior

The original, unique style of the interior continues to impress our guests. This is a novelty in Świeradów Zdrój. It was designed by a talented architectural design studio.

Each room has its own individual interior décor and name. Candles, a lovely scent and books will ensure an even more pleasant stay. The sauna is our biggest pearl. You can rest assured that it will be at your disposal to provide instant relaxation.

Exclusive menu

You can have a breakfast made from fresh regional products in our unique dining room. We care about the taste and appearance of our dishes, so prepare yourself for a truly enjoyable experience.

Breakfast begins with a chilled Bellini (Italian cocktail made with peach purée and Prosecco).

We invite you to our dining room for aromatic coffee, organic teas, cookies and fruit throughout your stay.

Chillout all year round

Our Finnish hot tub lets you fully enjoy a well-deserved rest regardless of the season. You can warm yourself up on colder days or cool down in summer.

We provide essential oils, comfortable headrests and the stunning beauty of nature.

Just make sure you have the right company and silence your phone.

Can’t find what, you’re looking for? Call us!

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